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Fund Management

Currently raising capital for:

 Coastline Capital Fund III

Coastline Capital Fund Management LLC ("CCFM") manages portfolios of non-performing notes backed by residential real estate and "fix and flip" properties for our partners and specific investment funds. Click here to read more about CCFM.

Asset Management

Coastline Capital Asset Management LLC ("CCAM") provides hands-on, careful attention to liquidate Real Estate Owned ("REO") to maximize returns for a large Wall Street hedgefund.


We seek to partner with capital investors to purchase non-performing notes and "fix and flip" properties.

Current Projects

Managing Current Investments

CCFM is managing and liquidating approximately $2.7 million worth of Non-Performing Notes and Fix and Flip Properties.

Asset Liquidation

CCAM is currently liquidating REO's for institutional investors.

Raising Capital

We are seeking Accredited Investors for a Reg D, 506(c) Private Placement Offering that offers a Preferred Return and a Share of the Profits. Click here to learn more

Our Team

Sean Irwin, CEO, Fund Management

In 2011, Sean Irwin founded Coastline Capital Group, LLC (CCG), headquartered in Chino Hills, California as an asset

management company that focused on the residential non-performing loan market. Mr. Irwin has traded approximately

$250 million in Unpaid Principal Balance (UPB) worth of Non-Performing Notes since 2007. CCG currently manage

approximately $4 million of non-performing and re-performing loans, rental properties and REO/flip properties. Since

2008, Mr. Irwin has traded approximately $250 million in Unpaid Principal Balance worth of Notes. Mr. Irwin has a hands

on approach in every aspect of trading and managing NPN’s, which includes acquisitions, due diligence, negotiations,

servicing, management, maintaining vendor relationships, and disposition of real estate owned.

Andy Mirza, COO, Fund Management

Andy Mirza is an experienced trustee sale buyer and real estate investor. In 2012, Mr. Mirza and a partner founded Empire

Quality Rentals LLC with the idea of acquiring rental properties at the bottom of the local Southern California real estate

market. Mr. Mirza handled all operations from identifying target properties, acquisitions (mostly through trustee sales),

occupant transitions, initiating and overseeing property rehabilitation, and transition to a property management company.

He manages a portfolio of 19 properties with a current market value of $1.7 million. Since 2012, Mr. Mirza has

conducted 20 “fix and flip” transactions involving condos, mobile homes, and single family residences. He has held his

California Real Estate Agent’s License since 2010.

Vicki Irwin, CEO, Asset Management

Vicki is a highly experienced real estate agent in California. She manages an in-house team, real estate agents and contractors nationwide. She has successfully liquidated in excess of $8 million worth of REO's in the last year.

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